I've been an aspiring Astrophotographer for many years. My first lunar images were taken with a Canon SLR and I had the film developed at WalMart. That was in the late 1990's. Since then, I've been through a long list of camera's, telescopes, and mounts, and finally dipped my toe in trying to shoot something other than the moon. 

I've been sharing my images only with freinds and family, and mostly through Facebook, for which I have this weird philosophy... I need to actually have met you before I'll add you on Facebook. Sorry. I get asked a lot though "Where's your web site"? I looked around, consiered flicker and even some dedicated astrophoto hosting sites, but eventually decided to just do my own. Besides, I have this cool domain name I've been sitting on for over a decade. Time to do something with it!

And so here you are. Welcome to the Evening Show. At least my take one it!

Clear Skies!